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A talk Nic Novicki does at schools, companies and conferences.

Motivational Speaking

Nic began public speaking at age 8, raising both money and awareness for the Little People of America organization.  His experience and comfort in talking to large crowds of people later helped him launch into a career as a comedian and actor.  Recently Nic entered back into the world of public speaking though, taking up the microphone at several public events to raise money for Haiti relief and other charities.

His public persona and rhetoric is based in the deep rooted feeling that we are all blessed with countless opportunities which life presents to us everyday. Every adversity we face is only a stepping stone towards your greatest potential.  Rising to you greatest potential has nothing to do with height, with your physical shortcomings, or anything we perceive we have not been born with.  It has everything to do with your heart, with you dream, with your inherent understanding of what you can achieve.   

He also believes that through thinking outside the box there is a solution to every obstacle.  He uses personal experiences of how he was able to get ahead in the entertainment industry.

Nic gives key note/motivational speeches all over the country at companies, schools, and private events.

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